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We are always looking for more business participation and partnership. None of what we do is possible without community support and involvement.

There are four exciting ways that Lodi businesses can support Love Lodi:

1. Get a team together and sign up to complete a project on April 29th! In addition to serving the community this is a great opportunity for team building amongst your employees.

2. Become a Business Partner. Many of the projects require supplies and tools to be completed. Partner with us by donating needed supplies such as paint, gloves, bags, cleaning supplies, gardening tools, bottled water, etc.

3. Become a Business Sponsor. Make a tax-deductible financial donation. See below for levels.

4. Increase the Fun! Bring product samples, coupons, or promotional giveaways to the rally at Hutchins Street Square. Set up a booth and join in the fun. This is a great opportunity to support Lodi and give back. The possibilities are endless.



    Bronze Sponsor ($100)

    Lawn Sign, 18x12” Logo Sign at Rally, Web Text

    Silver Sponsor ($500)

    Lawn Sign, 18x12” Logo Sign at Rally, Web Logo

    Gold Sponsor ($1000)

    Lawn Sign, 24x18” Logo Sign at Rally, Web Logo, Social Media Post

    Diamond Sponsor ($2000+)

    Lawn Sign, 4x6’ Banner at Rally, Web Logo, Social Media Interview, Verbal Announcement at Rally




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